Redux Firebase-How to retrieve data from one single userID?

Redux Firebase-How to retrieve data from one single userID?

2018, Dec 03    

We can retrieve data from on single userId in firebase.

I have a pomodoros collection on mm firebase cloud database. And I am saving these records.

Redux Firebase

I’m saving the pomodoros of user. Every user has got different uid.

I have create an action for save pomodoro record.

export const createPomodoro = (pomodoro) => {
    return (dispatch, getState, { getFirebase, getFirestore }) => {
        const firestore = getFirestore();
        const profile = getState().firebase['profile'];
        const userId = getState().firebase['auth']['uid'];
             session_type: pomodoro.session,
             description: '',
             userId: userId,
             createdAt: new Date(),
             weekNumOfYear: new Date().getWeekNumber(),
             dayNumOfWeek: new Date().getDayOfWeek()
    }).then( () => {
         dispatch({ type: 'CREATE_POMODORO', pomodoro })
    }).catch((err) => {
         dispatch({ type: 'CREATE_POMODORO_ERROR', err });

Also I have got pomodoro reducer for control state.

const pomodoroReducer = (state = initState, action) => {
    switch (action.type){
        case 'CREATE_POMODORO':
            return state;
            return state;
            return state;
    return state;

I want to get the pomodoros that each user creates. After that, i want to display these records. I coded an component to these actions.

const mapStateToProps = (state) => {
     return {
         auth: state.firebase.auth,
         pomodoros: state.firestore.ordered.pomodoros
export default compose(connect(mapStateToProps),
    firestoreConnect((props) => {
        if (!props.auth.uid) return []
        return [
            {collection: 'pomodoros',
            where: [
               ['userId', '==', props.auth.uid]

There is an most important part. I’m connecting Firestore with firestoreConnect function. And asking; send me all pomodoros my authenticate userId please. And everything will be working correctly.

We can use these data now. 👯

Redux Firebase

You can see all source code here.