Add timestamps to existing table in db Rails 5+

2018, Dec 01    

When you forget to add timestamps in your table, you can generate migration. But you will get a little error. Like this:

def change_table
    add_column :users, :created_at, :datetime, null: false
    add_column :users, :updated_at, :datetime, null: false
>> Cannot add a NOT NULL column with default value NULL: ALTER TABLE table_name ADD created_at datetime NOT NULL

Because we created data without timestamps before. But you can handle it pass the value all model.

def change
  add_timestamps :animals, null: true 
long_ago =, 1, 1)
  Animal.update_all(created_at: long_ago, updated_at: long_ago)

  change_column_null :animals, :created_at, false
  change_column_null :animals, :updated_at, false

We did it. Cong. 🎊

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