Book Recommendations

Book Recommendations

2018, Feb 20    

I always think that the books I read, the films I watch add meanings to my life. These are the things that makes me feel like myself. Therefore I began to read and watch more carefully than I used to. I usually read instructive books. Especially, I love books written on subjects which I haven’t thought about before. I just wanted to share the books I like to read. Maybe, these books would add something to your life.

My book list here;

1) Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind


I liked this book very much. The writer had told a wonderful history of humanity. I admired it. This book should be read again and again. I was impressed by every page of it, because this book was telling things I never knew. This book has made me think over and over again. Especially, religion, gender, social gender inequality and empires sections were interesting. I have been enlightened. I think, everybody must read this book. In particularly, people who love history. Bro, very well.

2) Elon Musk


This book is telling us about Elon Musk’s life. Elon has ideas that I admire. Especially like solar power or outside world life, and he is working hard to realize these ideas. Before I read book, I had a lot of my bias about Elon. For instance; I was thinking he works for rich people. Because I didn’t know him much. But he was works for future of the humanity. When I think later, rich people had tried innovations first. For instance, like jeans or purple color. I have ideas like him. It is my first purpose to work for the benefit of humankind. But the book also had unnecessary details. I think biography books must tell details of that person himself. If you wonder Elon Musk, you can read this book.

3) The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


I very oftenly heard about this book. Unfortunately I hadn’t bought. After I read Elon Musk’s biography book and Elon was referring this book. I wondered and bought. This book consist of five series. I read first 3 series. The storytelling of the author is very different. The imagination of the author is very interesting. My english is not enough to tell about this book. However if you like different things, you must read it.

4) Outliers


This book is telling why some people are more successful. And There is some of people date of birth similarity. The book touched me. Because I always believe that hard study bring us success. And together with little luck. However different ideas in the book made me think.Especially, the airline of korea don’t accomplish to fly that the reason why very interesting.I realised after a while that the ideas are judicious. When you purchase the book, you can look different approach to success.

5) Notes from Underground


I have always loved the books of Dostoevsky. But this book my favorite one. As soon as I read book, I pondered myself. I guess, I am going to query myself until to be die. I like dostoevsky because he uses about people again while he tells about people. And this is enormous. I am going to read Dostoevsky when I found time. And I am going to lost myself in his stories. Maybe I can found again myself. How about reading Dostoevsky?